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Living Reef Tank Specialists

Exotic Underworld's 3,000 plus gallons will take you on a diving expedition featuring hundreds of rare, colorful, and unusual fish and invertebrates. We specialize in tank raised marine fish & captive propagated corals for the conservation of the coral reefs. Enjoy the entire beauty of an actual living coral reef on display in your home or office.

Soft, Hard and Stony Corals

If you are looking for "hard-to-find" marine life, Exotic Underworlds is the salt-water store you have been waiting for.

The Most Beautiful Fish ever captured from the Ocean. We strive to protect as much of the world's existing reefs by only selling net-caught or captive bred fish. None of our livestock was captured using cyanide, which causes irreversible damage to the reef.

We import fish from around the globe weekly, so stop in the next time you want to add some color to your tank.

Reef Invertebrates

Exotic Underworlds has an entire system dedicated to invertebrates. We have the creatures that make reef tanks such a fascinating hobby.

From colorful anemones to reef cleaning crabs and snails, we carry the variety and selection to satisfy even the pickiest reef keeper.

Live Rock & Sand for Reef Aquariums

To conserve the local reefs we have started carrying man-made reef saving live rock:

  • 100% pest free!

We also have the full line of live sand produced by Carib Sea

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