Green Cheek Conure Care Information

Do not let their small stature fool you; green-cheeked conures have big personalities. Originally from South America, these conure (people like to refer the as little clowns) will certainly win over even the coldest of hearts. With different shade mutations such as pineapple, dilute, turquoise, etc. as well as pleasant personalities, the green-cheeked conure may be the next parrot you're trying to find. Below's what you require to recognize:

1. Generally, green-cheeked conures are quieter than other conures. Certainly, this is not to claim that they do not make any sound. A specific level of sound in parrots is inevitable. Furthermore, each bird has different personalities, and every bird is different, and some will certainly vocalize more than others. But if you're seeking a conure that won't bother your neighbors, the eco-friendly green cheek conure could fit the bill. This bird is preferred in many homes.

2. Green-cheeked conures need a lot of socializing to stay clear of behavior problems like nipping. " They are depicted as being extremely nippy at times, and some can be if not properly handled and card for, however that is usually normal for a young bird that has to discover its social expectable behavior. To recap: Like lots of parrots, these cute and playful conures will greatly benefit from being well socialized. These playful lovable green cheeks can be outstanding in a house or apartment, however socialization early-on is essential. Remember they are like most animals in that they are sensitive-- like many parrots-- as well as if a member of the family is aggressive to them, they will know it, as well if you or a family member is afraid of them or aggressive toward them, they will act on those emotions.

3. Green-cheeked conures have "large bird" individualities or personalities we would say. In spite of being just one of the smaller sized conures, these birds share lots of qualities with larger parrot types. They are smart, as well as are capable of finding out multiple techniques and personalities. Green-cheeked conures are likewise recognized for their playfulness and also acrobatics. They need plenty of guidance to prevent entering difficulty in boredom. Make sure you have plenty of bird safe toys in the conures cage or play area.

4. Green-cheeked conures can be snuggly. Once more, it is very important to keep in mind that every specific bird is different. Generally, however, these conures are considered caring companions. Lots of delight in stroking, as well as tolerate handling. Some will certainly also snuggle up against your neck or cheek. These birds want to be with you and also require hrs. of interaction daily.

5. Beware about avoiding breeding stimulations. Unless you are trying to breed the birds, it's ideal to stay clear of anything that would certainly trigger green-cheeked conures to enter into breeding mode. This will certainly avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety on the bird. Conures are cavity nesters, so if one does not wish to stimulate reproducing habits, don't give them dark, closed-in locations in their cages or where you allow them to play or hang out.

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