Brazilian Striped Knee

Brazilian Striped Knee

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Species Called: Acanthoscurria geniculata

Family members: Theraphosidae.

Care Degree: Moderate.

Temperature:76 ° F to 82 ° F. Temperament: Docile but nervous.

Shade Type: Black, white, red.

Life expectancy: Female- two decades, Males- 4 years.

Size:7"-- 8.5".

Diet: Insects, lizards, mice.

Minimum Storage Tank Dimension: 10" x 10" x 20".

Tank Set Up: A lot of air flow with peat moss or Cocofiber substrate.

Brazilian Whiteknee Tarantula Overview.

The Brazilian Whiteknee Arachnid, additionally called Acanthoscurria geniculata, is a type belonging to the Brazil's rainforests. They obtain their name from the striking white spots on their legs. They are among the most prominent tarantula types in bondage as well as are fantastic for all ability degrees. Ladies rise to 8 inches high, with men only being an inch or 2 smaller in size. They are easy to manage but still a little nervous, though they aren't known to attack typically.

As the Brazilian Whiteknee spiderlings grow, they end up being extra confident. It's as if they become aware of their dimension and are less most likely to escape as well as conceal as they would certainly when they are more youthful. These arachnids are aggressive eaters and become extra confrontational when a dish remains in front of them. They eat practically every day unless they are molting. Regardless, Brazilian Whiteknee Tarantulas are a terrific place to begin if this is your first time thinking about acquiring an arachnid. They are impressive to observe, and you might find that you desire another right after obtaining your initial tarantula.