Normal Ball Python

Normal Ball Python

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Our normal ball pythons, while not close to as colorful as other ball python morphs, are still wonderful pets! If you are trying to find a python on a lower price point, grab one of our "typical" ball pythons.

A family pet python (Python regius) is a good snake for a beginning snake owner. Expanding to an optimum dimension of 3 to 5 feet, ball pythons are not as large as a lot of the various other snakes that are kept in the hobby, they are quite manageable, and also quite easy to maintain.

Ball python morphs are so called because when endangered they roll themselves into a tight round coil, putting their head inside of their coils.

Baby Ball pythons grow somewhere around a foot a year for three years. They can live for a long period of time with proper treatment (approximately concerning half a century although 20 to 30 appears to be a lot more normal for them).