Butter Pastel Ball Python Female

Butter Pastel Ball Python Female

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One of the most evident physical qualities of a butter ball python is its color. A 'typical normal ball python' has a deep brownish color. Butter ball pythons can be determined in the list below:

A softer brown, closer to caramel in shade.
Their pattern is additionally lighter. It's a mix of tan and gold. Its pattern has white and also black rings around it. It may also have isolated spots of dark background shade on its inside.
It has extensive blushing. Blushing is where particular parts of the snake's pattern have a shade that discolors right into one more shade. It's most frequently seen in the spots or stripes on its side.
Its light pattern is a gold that combines right into a darker tan color. Its background colors also fade from caramel through tan, with gold, and right into white inside out.